Considering Taking Up Surfing? Consider Booking a Chiropractor Full Time!


Surfing is a physically challenging and exhilarating sport and because of that, athletes can be prone to injuries. If you are considering taking up surfing, you can’t go wrong but please consider booking a full time chiropractor in Vancouver. Chiropractor services can help you cope with surfing pain and injuries, preventing them from getting worst. This is a boon because nobody really wants to suffer lasting pain.

Typical Surfing Injuries

There are many ways a Chiropractor can help a surfer. First and foremost, Chiropractor is a discipline dedicated to healing and with the potential injuries associated with surfing, you can be sure that you would need chiropractic care down the road. Here are some typical surfing injuries.

  1. Winging scapula—This is when the scapula tends to drift outward and slightly protrude from the thoracic cage.
  2. Loss of range of motion—This happens when the thoracic joint slouch too often and the various joints that make up the spine have lost the capacity to spring back. This reduces the surfers capacity to wind up during the paddle.
  3. Loss of range of extension—Shoulder abduction loses the capability of reach overhead. This is primarily due to the tightness of the anterior deltoid and pectoral muscles. Combine with the winging of the scapula, this condition is known as scapular dyskinesia.

Chiropractic Solutions

The solution to this problem is to work the tight muscle of the shoulder and chiropractic treatment to the surfer’s spine. After the treatment a surfer can be given exercises so that the normal firing of the shoulder blade can be established and some exercises to regain the mobility of the thoracic spine. Follow up treatment can be given as the need arises, taking into consideration the speed of recovery of the surfer. You have to remember that chiropractor is a holistic process and that’s why the entire body will also be considered aside from the injured part.

These are some of the ways that a surfer can benefit from a Chiropractor. The example given here is just the typical surfing injury that most surfers experience. There are still a lot of injuries that can happen when surfing but Chiropractor is ready to provide remedy for the pain. If you are planning to take up surfing, you can be sure to benefit from having a full time Chiropractor in your staff.