About Us

Welcome to John Wesley Surf dot com! I am Johnny Snipes, living here in Florida with my wonderful pack of dogs. I am a lover of surfing, books and animals. I also love writing, typically something that amuses me. And that writing hobby of mine is one of the reasons why I began blogging here at www.johnwesleysurf.com.

The website was created due to my writing hobby. I wanted to expand my audience reach and found that blogging online can be of great help. Therefore, I did my best to research the best way to do this and voila! Here you are now at www.johnwesleysurf.com where you’ll find all things surfing.

If you are one of the people who are passionate to all things about surfing, then you’re on the right place. This website will help you learn more about current events in surfing, surfboards and anything related to the niche.

This website will feature contents related to surfing such as the best places to surf, best surfboards, what to do and what to avoid when surfing and other things related to it. It will also feature current events about surfing, famous happenings as well as my personal experience in the world of surfing.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog posts in this website. You can always drop by and leave me a message or comments or even a kudos for a great post by clicking the contact us located in the navigation bar.

Happy Surfing!
Johnny Snipes