What You Need To Know About Running A Successful Surf Board Company

John Wesley Surf Boards

It took me years to get my board shaping company off the ground and to a point where I could move operations from out of my garage and I started to turn a profit. Today I wanted to share some tips I learned along the way.

If you think having a great surf board is enough to be competitive in this global economy then you are in for quite a surprise, it takes a greater effort than simply having a surf board you need to create a brand that has longevity (even titans can fall) which sounds easier than what it truly is so without further delay let’s start looking at how to create a brand in the surf board niche.


It starts with an image, people associate are brand conscious and if you can create a brand that resonates with your target audience then you are going to be successful especially in the surfing niche. How many people actually become successful surfers (successful meaning they earn a living from it and don’t do it for love of the sport ?) The number is very small but these professional surfers are who your prospective customers want to emulate so you must study these professional surfers and pick the one that appeals the most to the people who will be purchasing your surf boards. Pricing is always a pain point when trying to select the right demographic so you might consider doing some market research before you make a decision on which segment of the surfing community you want to target.


While some people will claim that online advertising is enough that is not entirely accurate. Some of the best surf companies started in a small town or city with nothing but a store and an open for business sign out front. The reason you need to use signage is a segment of the surfing community does not go online and if you are only marketing yourself online then you are missing out on an opportunity but something to take into consideration is that some surfers do not respect firms that are “posers” or “sellouts” because you are not promoting the sport but just trying to make a buck. If you use the right signage and branding then you can avoid that stigma of being just another merchant looking to peddle your wares.


These decisions cannot be made without taking your time to plan things out. If you are not proactive then you will not be able to create an enduring brand and your surf board company will not be able to compete. Once you have performed your case study and established a business case for your surfboard company you can move forward and start it. Just remember that the surfing community is always in a state of flux. What was cool and en vogue today will be old and boring tomorrow so you must be willing to develop a brand that is constantly evolving, you must be willing to invest time and resources to grow with the needs of the market. By incorporating online marketing, advertising and signage you should be able to carve out enough market share to generate a profit.

Surfing Mishap

surf wipe outAs a surfer, one of my favorite things to do it is to explore different beaches, trying to find the best swell possible. Sometimes this takes me to some pretty discreet locations and although I know it’s never a good idea to surf alone, I decided that on this particular Monday morning it would be okay. I mean just one time right? What’s the worst thing that could happen? Well on this particular Monday, the worst that could happen was knocking out my front two teeth!

I had found a nice swell on a pretty much empty beach, which on a Monday morning is to be expected. I mean not everyone can spend their Monday mornings sitting on a surfboard right? I had been riding for a couple of hours and the swell was really beginning to pick up. I was hitting a wave every few minutes and it was turning into quite the day as I had found a new surf spot I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about. As I was almost ready to wrap up my session, I got ready for one last wave which would take me into shore. I began paddling, and as the wave approached I could tell it was going to be a beauty. I popped up and began riding the wave but it took an unexpected early curl and I lost balance falling face forward on my board.

This is one of the reasons you never surf alone kids. I was lucky enough to not be knocked out but had I, I don’t think I’d be around today to speak of this story today. As my face hit the board, it was bone rattling and I was immediately disorientated. I could feel from the impact that I had wrecked something but it took me two or three seconds to realize once I had found my board that although my head was still attached to my body, my two front teeth weren’t. As I had my head resting on the board, I noticed blood coming from my mouth and as I touched my mouth, I could tell instantly what I was missing.

Surfing 101 teaches you to instantly get out of the water when you’re bleeding so I did just that. I might have already lost my two front teeth but I wasn’t interested in also losing a leg to a hungry shark. I paddled into shore and assessed the damage when I arrived. Luckily for me, a couple people from the shore saw my fall and gave me a hand with my board. I knew I had to get to a dentist quick but I also knew it was best to come with my teeth. I took a look at my board and was shocked to see one of my teeth literally stuck into the board! I figured one out of two wasn’t bad and I rushed to the nearest dental office to get checked up.

After some painful surgery, I have all my original teeth but one which in the big scheme of things isn’t the end of the world.